LG200C Voice Dialing Activation

The LG200C does not come with clear instructions for activating its voice dialing feature, and my contacting Tracfone’s technical support was no help either.  They apparently read off of scripts and never actually handle the phones.  And I believe the script they read was taken from instructions for activating voice dialing on the LG3280, of which the 200C is an economy version.

Here’s how to program the LG2200C for voice dialing.

  1. Use the Left Soft Key to bring up the Menu and punch the OK button.
  2. Scroll to Settings and press OK.
  3. Scroll to Voice Services and press OK.
  4. Scroll to Train Words and press OK.
  5. Follow the phone’s prompts to train words.
  6. When you’ve finished traing words, close the phone and open it again to return to the main screen.
  7. Under “Contacts,” navigate to a number you want to set up for voice dialing.
  8. Press the left soft key, which at this point is marked “Edit.”
  9. Press the right soft key, which at this point is marked “Options.”
  10. Scroll to “4 Set Voice Dial,” and press OK.
  11. Follow the phone’s prompts to speak the name of the person/place you want to call.  It will ask you to say the name at least twice.
  12. When it has the name correctly, it will say “Added” and bring up the contact’s main screen.
  13. Press the left soft key, which at this point is marked “Done.”
  14. Close the phone and open it again to get back to the phone’s main screen.

And now you’re done!

One more tip:  Back on the screen where you clicked to train words, you also had an option for Voice Dial Prompt.  That gives you the choice of having the phone ask for the name of the person you want to call every time you flip open the phone.  Great for when you’re driving.  But when you open it and DON’T want to use voice dial, just press the “Back” key to get to the main screen.  Of course, you can disable the voice dial prompt at any time, as well, so it won’t keep asking you for a name every time you open it.