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Here’s where to find links to sources of information about bureaucracies and remedies to bureaucratic problems. In addition to the specific resources linked below, a wide range of books and articles specific to the aspects you’re most interested in can be found by clicking here. For single articles, be sure to search the “eDoc” section.

Public Organization and the Problem of Change. Arkansas State University College of Education slide presentation. Free.

Organization Design: Fashion or Fit? This is a classic monograph by one of the all-time leading academics in organization design and development, Henry Mintzberg. Originally published in The Harvard Business Review, Mintzberg lays out a clear, concise description of different bureaucratic structures, including machine and professional bureaucracies, and when each is appropriate to an organization’s purpose. Easy to understand charts are helpful for diagnosing problems and crafting remedies. Available as a PDF, $6.50 at Amazon.

Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership by Lee G. Bolman and Terrance E. Deal is a modern classic that draws on the work of Mintzberg (see above) to give a “big picture” perspective in a variety of industries and service sectors. Available new and used.

Stopping a For-Profit Prison, how Grassroots Leadership in Charlotte, NC, stopped plans for a for-profit prison intended to hold illegal immigrant detainees. Free.

Tacit Knowledge, Organizational Learning and Societal Institutions: An Integrated Framework, a very good, academic paper with a section dealing with professional and machine bureaucracies. Free.

Structure and discretion: missing links in representative bureaucracy.(Statistical Data Included): An article from: Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory This is another journal article rendered into digital format available from Amazon. Helpful for identifying problems and possible solutions in public administration bureaucracies. $5.95 at Amazon.books