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I recently wrote a post here and on Daily Kos in which I mentioned my late father, Kays Gary. I went looking online for some of his writing to link to, but found little. That’s a shame because Dad was a terrific, and prolific, human interest columnist and reporter for the Charlotte Observer. He died in 1997 and there was a lot of his stuff online for several years, but it started fading over the last couple of years.

I did come across one recent link mentioning him, on Tommy Tomlinson’s blog. Tommy is a current, and also great, Observer columnist. Tommy also mentioned his regret that there’s not much of Dad’s stuff online. Long story short, I asked Tommy to find out whom I should talk to about putting a bunch of Dad’s columns online, and he emailed back promptly that I had permission from the Observer to post Dad’s columns as long as I note they were first published by the Charlotte Observer. Piece of cake.

You will find a list of Dad’s columns below, and also in the drop-down menu under Kays Gary Library at the top of the page. Check back occasionally for new ones.

I’ll refrain from further comment about Dad and his writing—his columns speak more eloquently to that than I ever could. I will add only that for anyone who may wonder where I got my inclination to bring public attention to problems and their solutions, you’ll see that I come by it honestly.

4/19/08 Update:

One of the great things about having this blog and website is its function as an avenue for reconnecting with people with whom I’ve been out of touch. This morning I was greeted with an email from Harold Bales, aka “Southern Fried Preacher.” Harold is, among many distinctions, a fine writer and storyteller himself. (Anytime you’re in the mood to read a good story, check out his columns in the Huntersville Herald.)

Harold was a great friend of Dad’s and one of the two Methodist clergy who conducted Dad’s funeral. He mentioned that he still gets regular requests for copies of the eulogy he gave then, even these many years later. I asked him to send it to me as well, which he did, and which I have posted in the library. (I do believe his inclusion of the sheep and goats reference owed at least in part to what he knew of my otherwise apostatic condition, which he was very kind to do.) Thanks, Harold, for popping back up in my world, and for writing so well so much of who Dad was.

Here’s to Dad and his readers, old and new—


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