self0709siteI am a scholar activist, organizer, and consultant to businesses, organizations and individuals focused on increasing effectiveness by achieving transparency and accountability in bureaucracies, whether in the public or private sector. Following a first career as a television producer/director, I went back to grad school in psychology and spent 20 years in private practice.

My doctoral dissertation provided academic grounding and credibility for a citizen movement seeking bureaucratic reform of child protective services in Vermont. That effort was successful in good part, and the experience that unfolded in the years following was as nightmarish and as Kafkaesque as The Trial. When one connects all the dots, the picture that emerges is that the bureaucrats who were embarrassed by the reform movement’s success exacted political payback by tying me up in the bureaucracy for several years. The process deprived me of my livelihood and put me into foreclosure and bankruptcy. (Related Times Argus story is here; related Burlington Free Press story is here.)

Owing to an inborn stubbornness (thanks, Dad!) and the support of good friends, I have thus far survived and prevailed. I won my appeal; then prevented an end run by the state to then eliminate the level of appeal at which I won; then climbed out of foreclosure and chapter 13; and lately have started a campaign to create a State Ombudsman Office in Vermont. (See various blog entries for details.) I’ve established this blog as one way to shine a light into dark bureaucratic corners, and also as a way to share strategies to increase transparency and accountability.

I’ve also recently gotten around to a little updating of my more relaxed, personal website, DrDeborahAlicen.info, though there are some areas yet to be developed. That site is from the early days of my doing my own html, so be forewarned. I’ll get around to putting it all into a new template someday.

Deborah G. Alicen. Ph.D.

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